Massage & Bowen Therapist

Chérise Dyer

Holistic Therapist

Chérise is a dedicated, holistic therapist, offering:

Chérise has over 10 years experience, working with a variety of clients, in clinical settings, corporate environments, day spas, wellness centres, nursing homes, and sporting events.

She has always had a profound interest in health and, wellbeing.  She has worked many years in traditional medical environments, the corporate arena and, management.  Through the apparent stresses of working in these environments, she felt tight, fatigued and, burnt out.  She worked hard, and felt unappreciated.  Something needed to change and, it was unlikely to be the place in which she worked.  She realised the only thing she could actually change was, herself.  Armed with this knowledge, she left the corporate world, went back to study, and began to create a more fulfilling lifestyle.  She now helps others to find their centre, inner calm and, access their inner voice.

The body, and mind are not separate.  Each affects the other.  Initially clients may come with physical symptoms.  If they are open to exploring further, like others have before, they might find that an ‘aha’ moment, gives a greater sense of ease, empowerment, and energy throughout their whole being – it can be utterly life-changing.

NB:  A list of services gives an ‘indication’ of what one ‘does’, however all treatments are individually tailored to your needs and may include any of the aforementioned and, much more than can be defined in the ‘boxes’ above.  (The work here is with people and, people generally don’t and shouldn’t, fit into boxes).