Can I claim my massage on my private health insurance?

Yes.  This provider is accredited with all the major, and minor health funds.  You can claim your treatment if you are covered for ‘remedial massage’.

I’ve never had a massage before.  What should I expect?

Prior to your massage, you will fill out a comprehensive health history on an intake form – (This can be emailed to you, to fill out prior to your appointment, and bring in for your session).  Your therapist will consult with you before your treatment, to ascertain what you would like to achieve from the massage, if you have any particular areas you’d like to be worked on, what sort of pressure you would like and, if there are any areas you do not want massaged.  You will be empowered to speak up throughout the session if you need to, should anything feel uncomfortable or, if you need something attended to – for example a higher pillow, you feel cold and need extra warmth or, you would like a different pressure.

How much clothing do I need to remove for my treatment?

You will be asked to remove your outer clothing, and leave your underwear on.  You will be instructed how to lie on the table, and cover yourself with the large towel provided. The therapist will leave the room while you do this.  At all times throughout the treatment, you will be covered with towels, except for the body part/s being worked on.

I had a massage somewhere else, and I felt uncomfortable in my treatment (the pressure was too hard/soft, the therapist stretched something too far, or something didn’t feel right), so I’m nervous to have another treatment.  How can I prepare myself?

Your safety, wellbeing, and comfort is our priority.  You are encouraged to speak up at any time during the treatment about any concerns you may have, or if anything doesn’t feel right to you.  Your therapist is intuitive, professional, and approachable.  While diligent care is taken at all times, and sensitive procedures will be performed with clear instruction, and consultation with yourself before, and throughout the process, we believe any treatment is a partnership.  In light of this, you are encouraged and invited, to speak up, should anything be of concern to you throughout the treatment.  We are here for YOU, and appreciate your request, or feedback.  It is preferable to get things sorted, as they arise, so you may relax into, and enjoy your treatment.

Your therapist will check in with you regarding treatment pressure at times, and you are always free to contribute feedback at any time throughout your session, should you need.

Do you massage children and teenagers?

Yes.  Your therapist holds a current Working With Children Check.  Children and teenagers are to be accompanied by an adult.  For children up to the age of 16, the parent or guardian is to remain present in the room throughout the treatment.  Bowen Therapy can be carried out over light clothing if preferred.  Massage is carried out on the skin, with the child professionally draped.

NOTE:  Our rooms are fully air conditioned for your comfort.