Neurostructural Integration Technique

Neurostructural Integration Technique

Neurostructural Integration Technique is the créme de la créme of Bowen therapy.

Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) is a light form of bodywork, with profound implications to both the body and, the mind.  It is characterised by specific rolling moves over muscles and/or tendons, which agitate the skin, and underlying musculature.  The moves are relatively light in pressure and, generally not provoking of pain, though some areas might be somewhat sensitive.  These moves, are punctuated by short periods, where the hands are not on the body, to allow the body to integrate what has been instigated.

Initially, clients experience a deep sense of relaxation.  This may be accompanied by feelings of warmth, movement, tingling, and various other sensations as the body gently realigns itself.  The treatment can be performed over light clothing.  In this clinic, there is preference for working directly on the skin, to get a better gauge of what is happening in the tissues.  Clients are professionally draped at all times.

NST is likened to acupuncture, without the needles.  For in the changing of the structure, that takes place during a session, blocked energy is freed, facilitating ease of movement along with improved functioning of interior organs.

Typically, clients report:  ‘I feel lighter’, ‘I feel more aligned’, ‘I feel more solid in my feet’, ‘when I walked around the table, my body went click, click, click… everything falling into place.’

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More information can be found at:  NST book download